Military Cultural Heritage at the General José María Córdova Military Academy


Diego Mauricio Martínez Celis
Escuela Militar de Cadetes "General José María Córdova"
Andrea Katherinne Díaz Cante
Escuela Militar de Cadetes "General José María Córdova"
Cristian Camilo Castiblanco Medina
Escuela Militar de Cadetes "General José María Córdova"

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Cultural heritage, National Army of Colombia


One’s cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation, almost automatically defines an individual as being part of a social collective. The Colombian Army, with over two hundred years of tradition, is recognized as one of the most representative of institutions that contribute to the national identity, through multiple expressions of its military culture and the great patrimonial heritage it possesses.

This publication presents different aspects that need to be disseminated so that the entire community of ESMIC and the general public have access to basic knowledge about concepts of Cultural Heritage and Military Cultural Heritage, its regulations, the history of the Escuela Militar de Cadetes General José María Córdova, the types of cultural heritage it possesses and some guidelines for their management. In addition, the reader will find an interactive map to navigate throughout ESMIC and learn more fully about the diverse cultural heritage of the Colombian Army and, indeed, the entire Nation.


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diciembre 13, 2021


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